Surfing will change your Life…Lets go Surfing!!! No matter your level of surfing (beginner, intermediate or advanced) we have the perfect option for you!! All of our surf instructors are ISA (International Surfing Association) certified plus are Certified Life Guards which takes our lessons to the next level of quality and safety. Here you will receive a one on one experience (group lessons also available upon request) our goal is 100% satisfaction!! For the more serious and hardcore we offer customized programs for taking your surfing to the next level, which deals a lot with nutrition and high intensity training…inquire for more information. After the lesson you can keep your board and rashguard for 24hrs so you can continue practicing. Ask about our 3 to 5 hour programs, so come on over and let’s surf. Contact us and reserve your lesson today!!

All of our lessons are 1.5 hours and cost $50 per person.

Transportaion included….also on the day of your lesson we will choose the best beach for the best conditions so you get the best experience!

Surfboard, Rashguard, Towel & Water included w/ lesson – All that is required is you bring a smile, some Pura Vida energy and be ready to surf!!

To book a lesson or ask availability please click HERE.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!!


 Students will learn the basic surfing techniques: paddling, standing up and general surfing etiquette for a complete and safe fun experience 


The student will be able to ride green waves and perform basic turns, will also learn technique about duck dive and finally the instructor will correct any imperfection in the students stance and movement (legs, neck, shoulders…)


Your professional instructor will correct any imperfection in your style and weak points in your manoeuvres, you will advance to the top of your surfing level by adjusting body position and techniques.